Unity3D for Iphone版升级到1.0.1啦!


Unity iPhone 1.0.1
Whether on an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you will be able to dazzle your audience with the finest content available in the App Store. 2D or 3D, touch or tilt — if you can think it, you will be able to build it.

Increased Performance
From changes to the default settings to the addition of iPhone script call optimization, this release is focused on helping to ensure that your games continue to redefine what gamers expect to find on a phone.

Improved Live Preview
Improvements to the reliability of UnityRemote ensure that all touch phases and accelerator changes are registered while viewing and testing your game inside the Unity Editor.

Compressed Audio
With mp3/m4a compressed audio playback, you can include longer playing audio files in your games without compromising your distribution size.

Additional Features, improvements, and changes
New Features and Improvements
Added support for compressed mp3/m4a audio playback. Note that iPhone hardware supports only one compressed audio clip at a time
Improved performance of script to engine calls by an order of magnitude (e.g calling transform.localPosition is 300% faster). This optimization is disabled by default and should be enabled via Project Settings | Player | iPhone script call optimization property. Note that exception handling will not work correctly when this optimization is enabled
Improved Mono runtime stability
Improved gathering of referenced assemblies while building player
OnApplicationQuit() callback gets called while quiting Unity player
OnApplicationPause() callback gets called once Unity player becomes inactive
Added support for Application.OpenURL
Exposed UnityPause() function to ObjectiveC for better interoperability between custom code and Unity player
Status bar is now hidden on startup
Introduced support for explicitly defined bounding volume areas for occlusion culling
Improved occlusion culling volume generation
Made input in UnityRemote more reliable. All touch phases and accelerator changes are guaranteed to reach the Editor
Improved UnityRemote connectivity by exchanging echo packets with Editor to ensure that connection is valid
Improved internal profiler statistics with various aspects of engine performance being displayed
Internal profiler statististcs are disabled by default for better performance
kFPS set to 60 by default to provide stable frame-rate
Bug Fixes
Fixed PlayerPrefs bug preventing it to store persistent data
Fixed memory leak when loading scenes
Fixed Horizontal/Vertical slider crash
Fixed occasional crash during Mono garbage collection
Fixed crash in AOT cross compilation which subsequently left process hanging on in the background
Fixed number of bytecode stripping bugs
Fixed grahics related crash
Worked around OpenAL bug which caused audio clips sometimes to stop playing
Fixed trail and line renderers
Fixed issue where WWW class preventing data to be sent immediately on 3G/Edge
Fixed issue with transparent sorting
Fixed default GUI skin failing to pass build step verification
Fixed split screen support in the Editor
Fixed AudioSource playback to respect AudioListener volume
Fixed assert when skinned characters come into view
Fixed Screen.width/height briefly reporting wrong values in the Editor
Fixed bug where installer pops up old version warning

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Unity3D for Iphone版升级到1.0.1啦!》有2个想法

  1. neverback说:

    你好,请问你用的UNITY IPHONE是试用版还是正式版,我下了一个试用版,但需要输入注册码?请问在哪里找?

    威阿 于 2009-05-03 01:22 PM 回复:
    Unity iPhone版没有试用版.

  2. 游侠再现说:

    …居然是鸟语 还以为威阿翻译了…

    威阿 于 2009-02-20 07:54 PM 回复:


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