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个人觉得这个在Mac下已经非常完美的播放器了,属性设置里可以设置窗口总在最前,虽然没有XP下的Kmplayer舒服,但是Mac下没得选了.呵呵.支持格式很丰富.播放不了的就忍忍吧.哇哦.这个算是Mplayer OSX的扩展版,增强型.

This is an unofficial extended version of the MPlayer OSX GUI.

While MPlayer is the superior media player for OSX and has a very nice GUI, it was lacking in access to the many powerful functions the backend provides and development hasn’t been very fast.
Since I had some time on my hands I decided to learn Cocoa and improve the MPlayer OSX GUI.

In the process, I also figured out how to compile a redistributable version of the mplayer core and provide a recent build from the SVN.

Changes to the GUI include:
More video filter options (Postprocessing, Deinterlace etc)
Support for styled ASS subtitles
Audio and video equalizers (not yet interactive)
Taking Screenshots
Stream selection
Various interface improvements

下载地址:MPlayer OSX Extended – Revision 7 (14.4MB, 20. October 2008)

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